Manguirish Occupational Health services is an occupational health enterprise, a subsidiary of Manguirish Diagnostics engaged in providing medical service to different industrial Units in state of Goa for last couple of years.

Occupational health is basically Point of Care Testing (POCT).

Pont of care testing helps community in number of ways

  • Early detection of diseases
  • Rapid health screening at work
  • Reduces sickness absenteeism
  • To reach out to remote and tribal areas at very low cost
  • Health Economics

Our Mission

Presently we are covering only industrial workers, But we have insight to explore possibility of introducing such facilities on mass scale and design mobile hospital having OT facilities, Minor ICU, emergency admission beds, Pathological investigations, X-ray, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, Treadmill, any other best possible facilities e.g. CT Scan etc.

These facilities can be moved to remote areas where in morden medical facilities does not exist. Also arrangements can be made to transfer these facilities at emergency areas within short span of time which can contribute to saving of lives.

Telemedicine can also be incorporated to further facilitate the health care delivery system.

Unique Health Project in the state of Goa

Presently we have launched double expandable fully equipped foldable mobile clinic which houses pathology laboratory, X-ray facility,ECG,sound proof Audiometry , spirometry space to sit for two doctors, reception, etc. This is unique health project in the state of Goa.

Our Services

  • Medical Consultations
  • Pre-employment medical examination
  • Periodical medical examination (on factory sites)
  • IHCC- Integrated Health Campaigns.
  • First Aid Training programs
  • Immunization Program
  • Health Event Management
  • Stress management workshops
  • Any other industrial health related subject as per corporate requirements

Our Esteemed Clients

  • Nestle India Ltd. , Ponda-Goa
  • Nestle India Ltd. , Bicholim-Goa
  • Deccan Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd, Corlim-Goa(earlier SIL)
  • Syngenta Biosciences Pvt. Ltd, Corlim-Goa
  • Indoco Remedies, Verna-Goa
  • FDC Ltd.
  • Zuari Industries Ltd. Zuarinagar- Sancoale
  • Cadilla Zydus
  • Teva Pharma Ltd.
  • United Breweries Ltd. & United Spirits Ltd., Bethora-Goa.
  • Encube Ethicals Pvt. Ltd., Marcaim-Goa
  • Medispray Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
  • Meditab Specialities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vedanta India Ltd. (Mining firms situated at different sites in state of Goa)